You've got to let the pain soften you.

Although a few things may not have gone my way recently, I surrendered and understood that I may not have gotten what I wanted but I got exactly what I needed.

I listened to my intuition, grabbed my faith tighter and admitted "It's too heavy, I don't wanna carry it anymore."

Here's the thing or should I say, what I've learned along the way; as women head of households we've freely taken on a hard exterioralong with the infamous, "Super Woman" and "I can do it all role." (trust me, it sucks)

Well, I no longer wanted to do everything all at once, I'm in no rush, a little at a time is good enough for me. I no longer wanted to be the woman that was eager to fix everyone anymore. I let go of the pain and the strain and in doing so, I've changed.

I'm now open.
I'm gentle.
I'm owning my shit.
I'm no longer pushy.
I rarely raise my voice.
I'm right where I need to be.
Creatively free.

I've been feeling very soft and strong as of lately.
I like it.

I've been adding more light colors and flowers to my decor. I've cleansed my space with white sage while forgiving (not just on the surface but deep down in my soul) and as challenging as it is for this control freak, I'm allowing my desires to enter as I let go. I dance in my kitchen as I cook more and get this, I'm letting my pen flow. (I know you see it.)

Life's got my back... I get that. - Tweet That!

It feels good here and I'm now mind, body and spirit ready for summer 17'. I'm complete in a fulfilled sorta way. Can you say the same? You should comfortably and confidently be able to. We all should.

Let the pain soften you. And when you do, you will have so much more to give and you'll love giving it.

Sending love and light to you always. Let's delve deeper soon.


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