Yes, today was a good day. I defeated a situation which seemed like an ongoing battle and it got me to thinking about the knock downs in life that try to keep us from reaching our full potential. I say, "when life hands you lemons, shock the hell outta folks and make grape juice out of it."

See those marks on my lip and jaw? People immediately rush to think that I've had some sort of lip surgery that went totally wrong. Not even close.

Two different incidents. The jaw: a child playing baseball with my neighbors who happen to be the kids of a Cleveland Indian player and I sat too close to the batter and he let the bat fly and knocked me the hell out. I had a hole straight through my jaw. My mom nearly passed out from all the blood. I should have known better, their dad was a pro athlete

The lip: rollerskating and a friend fell and her skate kicked me right in the mouth. Knocked down again. My lip was split from top to bottom. Yep I was a tomboy growing up and not to mention a bit of a badass but I was strong and persistent. Still am to this day. And there's more knock downs, there's so many more.

I write all this to say, no matter how many times you get knocked down, keep getting back up until they have to drag your ass out the ring.

Like myself, you may lose a few rounds but baby, I refuse to lose this fight we call LIFE. Matter of fact a few guys have told me my beauty marks (that's what they call them) are sexy. Shows how perfectly imperfect I am And like many other women, I've been through some things.

Needless to say, Never give up on your dreams and if you can't figure out what that is at the moment, keep trying until it has no choice but to show up, show out and shine bright in your life.

I see you. The world needs you. Shine on.