I know you're saying to yourself, "Della done gone all French on us. What the hell is a Bon Vivant and why do you consider yourself one?" Well, before we go any further, let's get that out the way first. For some a Bon Vivant is an elevate socialite who loves luxury things but for others like myself we lean more toward this definition: Borrowing from French bon vivant ‎(literally “one who lives well, good ‘liver’ (living person)”), from bon ‎(“good”) and vivant ‎(“person who is living”), agent noun of vivre ‎(“to live”). A person who lives luxuriously and enjoys good food and drink.

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A Bon Vivant is a person who lives life for a living!

Are you a Bon Vivant? I am and honestly I've always been a lover of life. Even as a child I engulfed myself in books and around nature. I constantly dreamed of getting out of my hometown Cleveland, Ohio so that I could see the rest of the world. I knew the world was bigger than my block and I had to see it. I guess you could say this is why I became a flight attendant. What better way to see the world and get paid while doing it.

Since then I've lived in a few other cities: New York NY, Atlanta GA., Houston TX., Dallas TX. Phoenix AZ, and now my beloved Los Angeles, CA. Wait. Am I forgetting any? Oh a short stint in San Diego CA. Each city offered me something different and allowed me to see how others lived, while tasting different foods, experiencing other cultures and getting to know which city offered me what I wanted and how much was I willing to pay to live there. Obviously there's a major price jump in rent via New York versus Phoenix AZ. but New York offered me the nightlife and the eye candy that I craved at that particular time in my life. Don't you dare judge. I was young and ready to turn up on any given day of the week. Like the city itself, your girl didn't sleep.  And yet in Phoenix I slept like a bear.

Believe it or not the party doesn't stop.  I've lived and am continuing to live a good life no matter what city I reside. I do my very best to see the good in my surroundings. I wake up and know that today is another adventure in which God has allowed me to discover myself along with the things, places and people around me.

Life is good and not because it sounds good or because it's a catchy cliche. Life is good because I make it that way.

Are you really living or are you just existing? 

Just in case you haven't heard, my dear we are the architects of our own lives. And if you're curious about what I do to make my life beautiful, I've listed a few delicious ways in which I love on my life everyday.


1. BREATH- I know it sounds crazy but you'd be surprised at how many times a day that we really take in a deep breath and exhale it with conviction. If you're lucky once a day. Maybe. I didn't recognize this until I began practicing meditation and yoga.

Since then, I notice myself taking in deep breaths on a regular. For many of us, deep breathing seems unnatural, but doing this limits stress and brings on a relaxation response.

So when in that traffic jam, experiencing money woes or just feel like letting someone have it, don't go there. Woosaaaa, baby.


2. BE GRATEFUL IT JUST LOOKS THAT WAY- I was having a talk with my daughter the other day about her car. Without any warning, it wouldn't start and for 4 days we couldn't figure out why. She took it to a mechanic and found out it was the starter and it needed to be replaced. It cost her a little over $500 to get fixed. Like many of would have been, she was stressed out!

But I decided to flip that negative reaction into a positive one. I reminded her of how fortunate she was to have the money to pay for the car to get fixed and no matter how negative it looked, it could have been a way for God to sit her down for a few days and/or protect her from something tragic on her daily drive in this chaotic Los Angeles traffic.

She looked at me, took a breath and said, "True, I'm grateful."

3. TAKE A BREAK FROM BUSINESS THINKING AND GET AROUND NATURE - With such busy lives and our minds continuously running in overdrive, we tend to overlook the beauty around us. While it might feel uncomfortable to step outside of business mode, the mind sometimes needs a rest from such bottom-line thinking. For me it's taking a walk on the beach or at times early morning walks in my neighborhood full of beautiful flowers and trees.

You'll be amazed at how refreshed your ideas are and looking at beautiful things - art and nature - creates connections that we often neglect to notice. Notice them,  capture them in writing and use them.

The closer to nature, the closer to God.

4. EMBRACE A NEW RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD - First things first, I never deprive myself of anything. Good food, sunlight, love, nature, spirituality, laughter and joy. Did I mention good food?!

Here's the real tea. I eat what I want, when I want. And yet I understand that if I do eat the "In n Out Burger", you'd best believe that I'll be digesting organic greens such as salad, veggies and no meat for the next few days. Like my friends and lover (smile) I have a really good relationship with food. I respect it, I don't over do it or abuse it. Instead I see the beauty in it.

Balance. Nahhh. That's too much like trying to be perfect. You don't have to be perfect. You just have to be present.

5. DO MORE THAN ONE THING AND LIVE YOUR DREAMS- I sit and I think about the things I've always wanted to do in my life: to get away from the snow and move out of Cleveland when I graduated from high school, go to culinary school, to to write a book, to socialize with celebrities, despite my roadblocks and shortcomings to provide a better environment for my children, inspire them to dream big and be everything they've always wanted to be, to live in Los Angeles and walk along the beach whenever I felt like it, to open my own business, to wake up everyday and have the opportunity to live my life my way and I even wanted to cut my hair short and color it platinum. Check!  I rocked it.

Yes, I'm a free spirit who now loves the beach and hiking up mountains but I'm also an entrepreneur junkie and a domestic queen.
I can spend a week inside and be totally fine with it. Home is my core.
I adore Home Depot, Office Depot, Lowes, Williams-Sonoma and Farmers Markets.
Transforming anything or anyone from mundane into magnificent is where I live.
I enjoy sexy food, reading and writing, a beautiful home, loving family, passion filled living, fabulous architecture, historic museums, and of course owning and obtaining wealth in every area of my life.

On any given day I'm a certified life coach, author, licensed cosmetologist, French trained chef and an investor with a special interest in real estate, home decor and kitchen design.
Yes, I'm a dreamer who at some point lives out my dreams. How do I do it?

Here's the thing, life offers us so many options that we tend get confused and overlook that thing that we always dreamed. Ya know that thing that had your heart racing when you were a kid. As crazy or ridiculous as it may seem, it's still there. It hasn't left. Dig deep and let yourself go there. Especially if it gives you goosebumps.

Simply put. It's never too late to become the person you might have been.

You want something different, you're gonna have to do some different things.
Switch it up.
You just might like it.

This is what I call 'Living Your Life For A Living." A Bon VIvant.

I wish you peace, love, joy and above a life that you've always dreamed.

Live well.